Why Benjamin

Benjamin Harrison Bently II

My son is Benjamin Harrison Bentley II. He was born on September 23rd, 1996 and was my first born. Benjamin was named after my Dad who had passed away a few years earlier. In all his early pictures he looked exactly like me. He was a typical little boy that loved to play and grab attention. To fast forward to the future, I envisioned him playing all sports as I did and being very good at whatever he tried to play as any Dad would. I dreamed of playing ball with him, his first day of school, buying him his first car, seeing his first girlfriend, his first prom, taking him quail hunting as my Dad took me, watching him get married, basically all the things a Dad and son share.

Unfortunately that did not happen. On September 6th, 1999 he was diagnosed with metastatic medulloblastoma before his 3rd birthday. Benjamin had brain surgery two days later and received his first dose of chemo on his birthday, September 23rd. We went all over the country for different treatments to get him better. No matter how vicious the treatments, he maintained and accepted it as a way to get better and be a normal kid again.

He was a warrior fighting this disease, he never complained, he just wanted normalcy. On May 24th, 2005, he lost his battle to overcome this nasty illness. He was 8 years old. On his final day, I was the one who instructed the doctors to stop trying to resuscitate him, he had had enough and the fight was over.

It was a great honor and privilege to have the owner of BBF come to me and want to name this trucking company after my son. Benjamin's courage, toughness, compassion, attitude, and dreams are reflected in all of our employees. I will not live forever, but my memory of him and all that he touched will.

Jeff Bentley
Vice President of Sales
Benjamin Best Freight