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Benjamin Best Freight Service Map
  • Daily LTL Service to the West
  • Sleeper Team Service to the West
  • LTL rates from all czarlite rate bases
  • Lineal rate/Partial pricing
  • Expedited shipping
  • 100% Air ride equipment
  • No break bulks or relays
  • No restrictions on freezables
  • Haz-Mat certified
  • Direct Deliveries:
    • By Appointment, larger shipments are delivered to the customer direct in route.
      • A segment of the market that the majority of our competitors do not solicit or focus on.
    • Larger / Partial / Lineal Type of shipments
    • Shipments that are:
      • Approximately 5,000 lbs and up
      • 8 to 36 foot of trailer space occupied
  • State of the art computer system
  • All “EDI” capabilities
  • Computer appointments with retail distribution centers
  • Online tracking
  • Online rating
  • Online pick-up capability